5 Ways Pubs Can Prepare for the Summer Season

by | Jan 26, 2023

5 Ways Pubs Can Prepare for the Summer Season

As shading solution experts, we offer advice on how to make your pub feel new and seasonally appropriate as summer approaches.

For many people, summertime hangouts include taverns. Read on to learn our awning specialists’ top tips for preparing your pub for the busy summer months. Warm weather encourages everyone to go outside, and there are many ways you can make your pub more inviting.

Increase your entertainment offerings
When the weather is great, people are often more interested in going to the bar, so why not provide them with something to see? Pub quizzes and live music performances will boost attendance and get people talking about your establishment. After all, social gatherings are often more enjoyable in nice weather.

Spend money on exterior buildings
When the weather is great, everyone enjoys relaxing outside. Giving your guests a place outside to relax is a terrific way to make the most of your available space. Installing outside structures, such as awnings or pergolas, can offer a little shade and protection from the elements when it’s too hot, too windy, or raining. Umbrellas and parasols are also excellent choices because you can store them when not utilising the outdoor space.

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Publish a new menu
Food that is in season is always well-liked, and adding a new item to the menu in the summer can help your bar feel more in-season. Offering summery dishes can help you take advantage of the great weather, just as adding Christmas-themed dishes to the menu can get your guests in the mood for the holiday season.

Refresh the look
When the temperature turns warmer, dark, warm colours are preferred instead of the contrary when it’s cold outside. Your bar can feel more hospitable by introducing new colours, lightening it up with a redecoration, or even installing new curtains to manage light.

Engage in sport
Even though most sporting competitions only happen once every four years, there are still many events happening throughout the summer that are worth getting excited about. By encouraging people to visit your bar and spend time together while watching sports, televised events can give your establishment a social edge.