Benefits of Umbrellas for Pubs

by | Jan 26, 2023

Benefits of Umbrellas for Pubs

Are you having trouble getting customers to use the extra tables in your bar garden or other outside area? The ideal option in that case is a pub garden umbrella! Discover some of the advantages our customers have enjoyed over the years with their shading solution from the professionals at Alfresco by reading on.

Umbrellas offer supplementary weather shelter
Pub garden umbrellas are the ideal way to offer your clients shelter from the frequently unpredictable British weather, whether the sun is shining brightly or there are clouds threatening rain. This not only makes them more content with their time spent in your bar garden, but it also encourages them to stay there no matter the weather.

There are various styles and sizes available
Thanks to our talented in-house design team, pub garden umbrellas from Alfresco are available in a variety of various shapes and sizes, letting you perfectly match your shading solution to your company’s brand. If your outdoor area is accessible to potential passing clients, you can even put the name of your business and its logo for additional advertising.

Pub Umbrella With Light

Provides unrivalled versatility
Because they can be quickly opened and closed, umbrellas offer your customers the flexibility to sit in the summer sun or receive additional protection from the elements. Additionally, they are simple to take down when you want to, perhaps for a fast clean after the busy summer months, and because they fold down little, they take up little storage space.

With optional pub umbrella additions, create an inviting space
Your pub garden umbrellas can turn a plain, uninviting garden or outdoor space into a tranquil sanctuary that welcomes customers outside and gives you that crucial extra dining space with our excellent selection of accessories. For instance, installing cosy heaters protects your patrons from chilly, cloudy days and evenings, while installing integrated LED lighting enables them to continue enjoying your pub garden’s delights late into the night (and, as it looks beautiful, your customers will want to post a photo online).

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