Alfresco Has the Perfect Parasols for Summer

by | Mar 30, 2023

Alfresco Has the Perfect Parasols for Summer

Summer in the UK is an experience like no other, especially after a long spell of gloomy weather. It’s a time when people rush out to soak up some much-needed sunshine and enjoy some refreshing drinks. And what better way to do that than at your local pub? A well-designed pub garden can make all the difference in attracting customers and keeping them happy.

When choosing a pub, customers look for various factors that can contribute to a pleasant experience. For families, having a safe and enjoyable play area for kids is a must. Sports enthusiasts want a TV to keep up with the latest games, while Brits seek a shaded area to avoid the scorching sun. A pub’s outdoor space can either attract or turn away customers, depending on the facilities and ambiance it offers.

Pub Umbrella With LightThat’s where our products come in. Our luxury covers are UV-protected, providing ample shade for customers to relax and enjoy their drinks comfortably. We can even keep the TV shaded to satisfy sports fans. Our large heated commercial parasols and awnings provide complete comfort and protection, and our structures can transform a dull and featureless area into a stunning and functional space.

With the rise of alfresco dining due to the pandemic, we have been traveling around the UK to create alfresco areas for hospitality venues. Our aim is to keep their revenue up while ensuring customers stay happy and dry, even in inclement weather, which is all too common in the UK.

We take pride in creating spaces for customers to enjoy and socialize with friends until the sun goes down. Our products are designed to make a significant difference to your venue, so why not put them to the test? We guarantee that your pub will become everyone’s new favorite local, with our products keeping customers comfortable and entertained throughout the summer season.