Premium, German Engineered Commercial Parasols

Discover the superior quality of our German-engineered commercial parasols. Our range includes versatile shapes such as square, rectangular, and round, ensuring efficient and aesthetic protection for your customers, come rain or shine. These parasols are ideal for both mobile use at events and permanent installations.

Innovative Design and unrivaled Durability

Our range of patented MDT-tex telescopic all-aluminum parasols have been developed for outdoor spaces of any size, and are designed to resist high winds. The safety and reliability they provide make them the most popular parasols for catering and industrial applications. Our commercial range extends from small parasols to large wind-resistant aluminum umbrellas.

Explore Our Premium Range of Commercial Parasols

Welcome to our exclusive collection of commercial parasols, featuring everything from large to giant umbrellas, ideal for any business in the hospitality and leisure sector. Whether you manage a restaurant, café, boutique hotel, or a spacious pub, discover the perfect large parasol to elevate your guest experience and enhance your outdoor spaces.

Why Choose Our Large and Extra Large Parasols?

Optimal Shade and UV Protection:

Our parasols – available in sizes large, extra large, and giant – are designed to maximise shade coverage, making them perfect for large patios or outdoor dining areas. Each parasol offers superior sun protection, blocking harmful UV rays to ensure a comfortable environment for your guests.

Customisable and Brand-Enhancing:

Stand out with our customisable parasol options. Add your logo or brand colours easily to any parasol canopy. Speak to our Printing & Branding experts for more details and discover how a personalised giant parasol can enhance your brand visibility.

Functional Add-Ons:

We understand the importance of year-round outdoor comfort. That’s why our parasols can be equipped with advanced heating and lighting solutions. Speak to our Heaters & Lighting accessories experts to find stylish options that make your outdoor areas welcoming, regardless of the weather.

Stylish Designs for Every Setting:

Our parasols not only provide functionality but also add a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. Choose from a variety of styles and colours to complement your décor and create an inviting atmosphere for alfresco dining and relaxation.

Choosing the Right Size Parasol for Your Space:

Selecting the correct parasol size is crucial for maximising comfort and functionality in your outdoor areas. Consider the following:

  • Area Coverage: A giant parasol is perfect for shading expansive areas, while a big parasol suits smaller furniture groupings.
  • Space Planning: Ensure adequate space for easy movement around your outdoor furnishings, even with the parasol deployed.
  • Sun Exposure: In very sunny locations, opt for a larger parasol to provide ample shade throughout the day.

Invest in Quality and Style:

While our large and extra-large commercial parasols are substantial in size, every order is handled with personalised care. Our dedicated team will contact you to discuss efficient delivery options and expert installation services.

Find Your Perfect Parasol Today

Enhance your outdoor spaces with our range of commercial parasols. Perfect for any setting, our parasols offer the ideal blend of style, functionality, and protection. Browse our selection today and discover how a large or extra-large parasol can transform your hospitality or leisure business.