The Waffle House

St Albans

Products Used : 6m x 6m Type TS commercial parasols with heating and LED lighting

We were contacted by the guys at The Waffle House as they were interested in our 6m x 6m Type TS parasols, as they have a very small internal seating area they wanted to create a large external seating area that would be cosy all year round, yet also the ability to make the cover movable.

Due to the local restrictions nothing could be connected to any parts of the building or outside floor. We had the perfect solution!

We supplied x2 6m x 6m Type TS parasols on surface bases with our customised side sheets tied down to heavy weights. Since installing these parasols due to the success of them we have recently installed two more Type TS parasols, one 6m x 6m and a 5m x 3m.

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